Shop for Good ( is a digital social enterprise operated by the Women’s Multicultural Resource & Counselling Centre of Durham. Shop for Good is an online art and crafts marketplace for WMRCC community members, other Canadian charities and nonprofit organizations, and individuals from underrepresented communities. It allows charities and individuals (primarily underrepresented communities including women, immigrants, people with disabilities and individuals experiencing poverty) to sell their handmade goods online.
Shop for Good offers digital services across Canada and enables Canadian nonprofit organizations and individuals to open online stores to sell art, crafts and handmade goods. Shop for Good enables the less fortunate community members to become vendors in an online mall and create additional revenue through sales of their arts.
Shop for Good is also an excellent opportunity for charities and nonprofit organizations considering a digital enterprise business model. By becoming a vendor and strategic partner of the project, Canadian charities can save from the initial and operational expenses, marketing efforts and time. The partnering organizations will work together to have the highest visibility and impact.
Shop for Good is also a unique digital platform to bring together the less fortunate community members with philanthropic individuals interested in art and crafts. Compared to regular donations, helping through business is a new and trending alternative that will make both parties feel better.
Many low-income individuals refuse or do not feel comfortable receiving direct donations. Shop for Good offers a business model that complies with human integrity. The vendors will get money not because of their economic situations but because of the value of their products.
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Testimonies from WMRCC Clients

It feels so good to have someone to talk to; someone who understands the issue and sensitive to my feelings. I am always looking forward to coming to my counselling session every week!

Today I hesitated quite a bit before coming to this session. I contemplated cancelling the appointment but here I am leaving a different individual from the one who walked in. I feel so much lighter after my session. These counselling sessions present an opportunity to feel free and clear my mind of negative and other thoughts of hopelessness.

This agency was there for me in the early nineties when majority of the community did not know how to deal with a Muslim woman like me, for that I will always be grateful.

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