WMRCC of Durham is always in need of volunteers who can share their skills, talent, time, wisdom and knowledge with others. WMRCC of Durham values the contribution made by volunteers and volunteers are integral part of the agency. Volunteers at the agency contribute in different programs and services including outreach support, administrative duties, fundraising, workshops, case aide support, mentorship and accompaniment. Your involvement as a volunteer makes a difference in other peoples lives.

A VOLUNTEER is a person who is a light to others, giving witness in a mixed-up age, doing well and willingly the tasks at hand-namely, being aware of another’s needs and doing something about it.

A VOLUNTEER is a person who strives to make other people happy, who takes the loneliness out of the alone by talking to them, who is concerned when others are unconcerned, who has the courage to be a blessing and to say the things that have to be said for the good of all.

A VOLUNTEER is a person whose charity is fidelity, who is faithful in an unfaithful world, grateful in an ungrateful world, giving when all about are grasping, listening when others need to tell about their fears and problems.

 from “The Beacon,” newsletter of Birthrite, South Africa
Submitted 18 November 2004 by Marjorie Moore, Minds Eye Information Service, Belleville, IL

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