Services for Black Children Youth and Families

As part of the Ontario’s Services for Black Children Youth and Families (SBCYF), The Women’s Multicultural Resource and Counselling Centre of Durham (WMRCC) established two new programs: The Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker Program (EYOW) and Together WE Can (TWC) Mentorship Program. Both programs are focusing on helping Black community meet their service needs.

EYOW will serve Black youth in identifying their needs, goals, skills and potential to address risk factors impacting their lives.

Delivering programs and services to Black youth between the ages of 12 to 25 years and their families in Durham Region. We will offer a preventative and empowering approach to address mental health, addictions, trauma, unhealthy relationships, family violence and/ or human and sex trafficking.

WMRCC EYOW Program will continue to use culturally sensitive, client centered and anti- Black racism approach to work with Black Youth and families. The program will provide Black youth the opportunity to gain confidence, learn conflict resolution skills and nurture their abilities to respect oneself and others; meeting them where they are and creating solutions to meet their complex social needs.

Our Mission:

To engage, work and provide Black youth in the Durham Region from ages 12-25 years opportunities to build confidence, gain new & meaningful skills to strengthen their place in society.

Our Approach:

While using anti-racist and anti-oppressive approach, WMRCC will deliver services and programs to Black youth  in Durham Region who are ‘at-risk’ or ‘high risk’ and their families using a culturally sensitive “client centered approach”.

Is holistic, evidence-based, engaging and empowering. The EYOW team focuses on helping youth foster positive cultural identities with enhanced healthy lifestyle through:

  • Offering comprehensive assessments to individualized support to Black youth and their families
  • Building connections between individuals, communities and cultural groups
  • Encouraging participation in cultural activities
  • Provided culturally appropriate referrals, information and community resources

Program and Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Counselling Services
    • One-on-One counselling , group & family support sessions
    • Evidence Based Practice
    • Multidimensional approach
    • Culturally Sensitive
  • Workshops
    • Life Skills, Personal Development,
    • Housing and Employment,
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Healthy Relations
  • Support Groups
    • Health and Well-Being
    • Emotional and Social Issues
  • Engagement Sessions
    • Community Events
    • Networking
    • Youth Led Initiatives
    • Leadership Skills

The Service Delivery Model will consist of the following highlights:

  • Series of cultural youth participants intake initiative
  • Series of culturally sensitive youth and families assessment
  • Using culturally sensitive designed flyers and postcards to reach out to black youth and families
  • Using appropriate culturally sensitive outreach strategies and marketing
  • Culturally sensitive referral to other community resources
  • Culturally sensitive lens of engaging youth and families in in supporting and working with black youth
  • Incorporating CI2 (Cultural Impact and Community Involvement Approach)
  • Positive cultural identity and taking pride in one’s heritage

For More Details Contact the Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker:

  • decision making process
  • Culturally appropriate use of best practices that are most effective

Our Mission

To Provide Black Youth ages 12-25 opportunities to build confidence and gain new skills to strengthen their place in society. 

Our Approach

As part of the Ontario Services for Black Children, Youth and Families this initiative was put in place to help reduce outcome disparities for Black families. We offer a family-centred and youth-driven service through the use of cultural connections and increased awareness.  Holistic in nature we aim to create empowering and engaging environments for Black youth to thrive in. Identifying protective factors and building resiliency against systemic barriers.


How Does the Mentorship Program Work?  

“Together we can” addresses the need for increased access to mentorship opportunities for black youth, male and female, ages 12-25 experiencing life challenges and looking to establish a support system.  By consistent, caring adults, Together We Can will help youth participants make healthy and safe choices, increase their resilience to make progress towards their goals. 


Meet with mentee or group of mentees’, 1-2 hours per week for:

  • Career and college exploration activities
  • Field trips, college tours, conferences
  • Games
  • Homework help
  • Guidance and Support
  • Cultural Identity Building  
  • Skill Development

Who Can Be a Mentor?

  • Professionals
  • Community Leaders
  • College Students
  • High School Students

Who Can Be a Mentee?

  • Black youth between the ages of 12-25
  • Seeking support, healthy relationships or guidance with career attainment college applications, etc.
  • In conflict with the law
  • Further enhancing Cultural Identity

Apply Now, Contact:

  • Amy Barclay
  • Cornelious Ajibola

Two Outcome Streams:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Building a Strong Cultural Identity
  1. The program is directly aligned with the CI2 approach teaching and protecting cultural connection
  2. The cultural connection is crucial for the development of the youth in our community
  3. Research continues to demonstrate that positive ethnic and racial identity improves academic, psychological, positive health and well-being outcomes in African/Caribbean adolescents

Civic Engagement:

Ensuring Youth are at the forefront of policy and decision-making processes, through youth-led initiatives, including:

  • Youth leading Youth to create change
  • Creating meaningful community events and cultural awareness 

Mentorship Program

Offering opportunities that foster positive growth, self-confidence and empowerment for Black Youth.

Mentors and Mentees will focus on:

  • Career and College Exploration
  • Guidance and Support
  • Life Skills
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Healthy Relationships  
  • Arts and Technology

Leadership Mentorship Programs 

Offering opportunities that foster growth, self-confidence and empowerment for Black Youth. 

Mentors and Mentees will focus on  

  • Workshops to building leadership skills.  
  • Volunteer hours  
  • Community connections  
  • Leadership Portfolio’s 
  • Engaging Activities and Building Connections with Others  

African Drumming, History and Cultural Identity Series  

Every Monday in Ajax from 4:30 – 6 

 Call Youth Workers to register! 


Giving Youth the Opportunity to engage with multiple community partners and leaders.


  • This project targets black youth (male and female) between the ages of 12-25 
  • Participating youth will come from different areas of Durham Region  
  • This initiative will serve a total minimum number of 100 youth each year 
  • A minimum of 20 youth will be matched with mentors a year 
  • The youth will participate in creative and innovative activities such as leadership training, social events and, community engagement 


  • Evaluation is critical to every project  
  • The activities of this project will be measured on a yearly basis 
  • Evaluation and data will be collected at the end of every activity  
  • Questionnaires, online surveys and verbal feedback will be used for collecting data information  

For More Details Contact the TWC Youth Outreach Worker:

New Program at WMRCC

Youth In Transition Worker Program

In July 2019, the WMRCC of Durham launched a new program for Black youth and youth from diverse backgrounds aged 16 to 24 years and their families in the Durham Region. The Youth In Transition Worker (YITW), works in connection with the Durham Children’s Aid Society and with various other community partners and agencies to provide culturally sensitive support and services to Youths aged 16 -24 years as they transition from being ‘children in care’ of the Children’s Aid Society, to living independently as adults. Using anti-racism, anti-oppression, empowerment, and strengths- based frameworks, the Youth In Transition Worker provides direct support, guidance, and positive reinforcement to empower youth to be proud of their heritage. Also, to identify and to use their strengths to set and achieve individually set goals, and to navigate and secure the services, resources, and support that they need to maintain competent life skills and positive wellness, housing, education, and employment outcomes. Throughout this process, the Youth In Transition Worker acts as a resource, advocate and liaison when needed and accompanies the youth to appointments with community partners, agencies, and services as required.

In addition, the Youth In Transition Worker works to encourage and assist the youth to engage in civic participation and to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships and interactions with their personal support systems to minimize social isolation and social barriers which are impediments to goal achievement and long term stability.

For More Details Contact the YITW:
Carlene Wallace
[email protected]

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Testimonies from WMRCC Clients

It feels so good to have someone to talk to; someone who understands the issue and sensitive to my feelings. I am always looking forward to coming to my counselling session every week!

Today I hesitated quite a bit before coming to this session. I contemplated cancelling the appointment but here I am leaving a different individual from the one who walked in. I feel so much lighter after my session. These counselling sessions present an opportunity to feel free and clear my mind of negative and other thoughts of hopelessness.

This agency was there for me in the early nineties when majority of the community did not know how to deal with a Muslim woman like me, for that I will always be grateful.

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